28 Apr 2015

Redesign of “Zacatecas en Imagen” Newspaper

Zacatecas en Imagen

Launch of Newspaper "Imagen de Zacatecas"

Gabi Schmidt was invited by Mr. Mercado, Director, to redesign their daily newspaper in the State of Zacatecas, Mexico

“The first thing I will to say about the redesign of the newspaper “IMAGEN”, is that having hired Gabi Schmidt was a success, because not only the paper was redesigned, but we modified ways of working that are now helping to give the reader better information, making a better paper and better journalism.

I believe that, from the beginning, Gabi Schmidt had the great ability and skills to integrate a compact design team, and make them understand where the redesign was heading towards. Then she unified them with editors of the newspaper and made a more integrated team, which produces much better work, since now, the editors are collaborating with designers.

We believe that today, we have a design which we are proud of, and we are very grateful with all the support from Gabi Schmidt, not only, I repeat, to redesign the visual part of the newspaper, but to make a new newspaper, with better information, better selection of photography, more timely, more fun, and I\’m sure more liked by our readers.”

Luis Enrique Mercado / Director of “IMAGEN” Newspaper / Zacatecas, MEXICO

Lic. Luis Enrique Mercado, Director General, opina sobre el Rediseño de "Zacatecas en Imagen"

Proceso del Rediseño

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